The Other Side of the River – A Study of the Millennial Reign

The Other Side of the River

The Other Side Of the River - A Study of the Millennial Reign

God is calling: There are many standing idle! Give a call! Sound the alarm! The Day is ending! It is the 11th hour! I need anyone, everyone regardless of your experience and background. – From the Book “The Other Side of the River”

With the Second Coming of Christ looming ever nearer it is time for us to consider what our address will be Across the River in the Millennium. This book will give you a clearer view of the 1000 years of peace on this earth before we go into our eternal abode. How you serve Jesus NOW will dictate what your permanent address will be for a full 1000 years? WILL you live as a king or as a pauper?

This has been a life long study for Dr. Wilkins and after the promptings of the Lord we finally have it in print. 350 pages.

Chapter Information

Chapter One – “THY KINGDOM COME” – Teaches  people to look and pray for the Kingdom daily.

Chapter Two – THE SUBJECTS OF THE KINGDOM  – In the Kingdom there will be two classes of citizens. One who reigns with Christ while the other will be a servant.

Chapter Three – OUR GLORIFIED BODIES IN THE KINGDOM – Teaches the different types of bodies that people will receive at his coming.

Chapter Four – LAWS OF PROFIT AND LOSS – This chapter proves that how a person lives their life now will dictate where they will live for 1000 years in the millennium.

Chapter Five – THOSE WHO WILL BE TRANSFERRED INTO THE KINGDOM – Some people will be transferred into the millennium in their physical bodies.

Chapter Six – ETERNAL LIFE IS A GIFT, REWARDS ARE EARNED – This chapter shows the differences between eternal life and earning a reward.

Chapter Seven – THOSE WHO WILL TRIUMPH IN THE KINGDOM – Teaches twelve different positions of reward can be earned.

Chapter Eight – THOSE WHO WILL SHED TEARS IN THE KINGDOM! – Part A – We note the pain and suffering of some who will live a 1000 years with “ashes only”.

Chapter Nine – THOSE WHO WILL SHED TEARS IN THE KINGDOM! – Part B – The preacher who will plow for 1000 years. A poisonous servant cast into outer darkness.

Chapter Ten – A PLEADING CALL TO THE ELEVENTH HOUR CHRISTIANS – Jesus, offers the nominal believer living today a way to redeem his life and earn a great reward.

Chapter Eleven -THE PURPOSE OF THE KINGDOM PRINCIPLE – The purpose is to motivate Christian to live a zealous life.

Chapter Twelve – THE CARROT THAT DOMINATES THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER – A more in-depth study of the motivational value of the coming 1000 year kingdom

Chapter Thirteen – PETER’S PEN – This chapter shows how Apostle Peter and Paul motivated their disciples.

Chapter Fourteen – THE GLORY BEYOND THE SUNSET PICTURES YOUR COMING DAY – This chapter shows you, the reader, how to incorporate these motivating principles into your life.


 Price 8.00 – 340 pages