Through The Eyes of Compassion

Lift up your eyes and look on the fields!

Through the Eyes Of Compassion - Four lessons that will capture your heart for world missions


This is our newest book on Faith Promise Missions Giving.

In secular society where many Christians have become routine in their Christian life, comes a call for Compassion From a Lost and Dying World. Through the Eyes of Compassion, is the third book designed to build Faith Promise Missions.



91 pages – Spiral Bound Edition – $6.00 


Growing As A Co-Laborer With God In World Missions, increase the giving in every church that used it.

Growing As A Co-Laborer With God In World Missions

100 pages – Price 5.00 


The Kindergarten Phase of Eternity, improves every facet of the church’s ministry. This third book will capture the heart and cause people to“First give themselves.”

The Kindergarten Phase of Eternity

From Dr. Wilkins experiences as Pastor and Church Planter who started 13 new churches and taught missions courses in colleges comes principles which will bring in more monies and strengthen the local churches mission program.

161 pages – Price 5.00