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Dr. James Wilkins is an Author, Teacher, Pastor, Evangelist, Director of New Testament Ministries. He has taught at several Independent Baptist Colleges, and attends Valley Bible Baptist Church, and serves under Pastor Brian McMath (Espanola, NM). Dr James Wilkins wonderful wife Penny went to be with the Lord in 2011.

Dr. James and Penny Wilkins

Over the years Dr. Wilkins has had the privileged of starting several churches. He has taught in several Independent Baptist Bible colleges. Has authored over 48 books or booklets. Made many TV and radio appearances and has preached over 44,000 times.

One of Dr. Wilkins most popular messages The Drama at the Cross, has been used to lead many hundreds to Christ.

Dr. Wilkins heart and soul has always been in the area of soul winning and discipleship. And with books like Designed to Win and The Milk of the Word he has been not only getting souls saved, but building a lasting foundation for their faith.

Dr. Wilkins knows his time on earth is short, and so his desire to see souls saved has not slowed down one bit.

Recently Dr. Wilkins has taken on the task of bringing light to the unjust, wicked and evil murder the world calls abortion. Having survived an abortion himself God placed on his heart to write the book Survivor. A book he hopes will help abolish abortion and also bring hope to the many millions of women who have been tricked into having an abortion. His hope for this book is that many women who are living with the guilt and shame of an abortion would come to know the love and forgiveness of his Saviour Jesus Christ.

Dr. Wilkins, from all the souls that you have touched, we thank you for your loving service to the Lord for all these years.

New Testament Ministries is a non-profit organization, and it depends upon gifts and offerings from our friends.  We also receive revenue from the sale of our books and tapes.  No one receives a salary from New Testament Ministries.  All of our monies are turned back into the printing of books to be given away to Mission Projects.

New Testament Ministries is also an agency that is dedicated to aiding pastors in developing their new converts and educating their church members in how to minister–that is, win souls and disciple them.  We have also developed tools to be given to missionaries:  those who work in jails and prisons, and plant new churches.

All Scriptures used in our books and ministry are taken from the AV1611 (King James Version).


Where our materials our found:

Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster CA (West Coast Baptist College)



Heartland Baptist Bible College, Oklahoma City, OK

The Crown College, TN

Oklahoma Baptist College, Oklahoma City, OK

Salt Lake Baptist College, Salt Lake City, UT

Local Bible Publishers, Calvary Publishing, Lansing MI


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