A Place Called Hell

Questions About Hell, What is It?

Questions About Hell

With so many misconception of biblical hell. We have written the book, Questions About Hell.

Today Hell are pictured as a cartoon place, a swear word or simply a place to go party with your friends when you die. Much in the same way Satan is pictures as this silly little character with his dragon tail and pitchfork.

But the Bible tells a very different story of the place called hell. A place of eternal torment. A place where all those who do not trust Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour will spend all eternity. The Bible pictures Satan as a very real, very active, very evil being, who seeks to destroy souls, while he has time. The Devil is powerful, but God is ALL POWERFUL.

Questions Answered in the Book


So what is the truth about hell?

Is it simply the grave like the Jehovah’s Witness teach? Is it a real place of fire, but when you are there you burn till you burn up and then thats it, like the Seventh Day Adventist teach? Is hell a place of six divisions like the Mormons teach? The Bible teaches it is a place of Eternal Torment. A place where all sinners must go.

What Sends Me To Hell?

What sends a person to hell? Is it Suicide? Is it not being a member of a church? Is it not receiving all 7 sacraments? Is it not being baptized? The bible is very clear that going to hell is a choice to reject Jesus Christ as Saviour. How do I reject or accept Jesus Christ?

Why Hell?

Is God some evil monster that wants to see people burn? Is he so mean and cruel that he set such a high standard, that no one can get out? Isn’t God a loving God? The Bible is very clear that hell was not created for man, but for the Devil and his fallen angels.

If I accept Jesus and I sin do I go to hell?

What if i have accepted Jesus, but I mess up? Is there such a thing as sinning to much? Do I have to get saved again? What does it mean to fall from grace? The Bible is very clear that once you are saved, Jesus keeps you saved. He calls it Eternal Life. The moment you are saved you enter Eternal Life.

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