Things God Hates!

Things God Hates - Dr. James Wilkins

One of the most disruptive doctrines that has destroyed whole denominations, starved more missionaries off the field and has sent more sinners to hell, is the wrong stress on the beautiful Doctrine of Election.

When refuting the arguments of this false doctrine, never use their sources for proof.

They will take from the writing of past great scholars what they need in their efforts to prove their false doctrine. We know they do this because that is what they do when they use God’s Holy Word. They take statements out of context and use it to try and prove their point.

Always go to your perfect manual and ask the blessed Holy Spirit to illuminate your understanding in dealing with their arguments instead of discussing their terms.

In this writing, we will not attempt to refute the Hyper-Calvinist view of election by refuting their attempted efforts at logic. Much of their logic is based on what past scholars have said. We will simply state clearly the simple teachings of the precious doctrine as it is revealed in God’s Word.

The Bible was written for the common man and it serves as his life manual. Any common man with the help of the Holy Spirit and the knowledge of some simple keys to unlocking scripture can understand it. This is true concerning every doctrine in the Bible, including the doctrine of election.

Things God Hates from James Wilkins on Vimeo.

Therefore, the clear setting forth of scripture, which pertains to the Doctrine of Election will refute the harmful and destructive teaching of the Hyper-Calvinists.

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