The Great Commission According To Jesus – Lesson Four


The Great Commission According to Jesus is a book which features all the words of Jesus pertaining to his commission or mandate to his church. These words will be studied over a period of six-weeks and were written to be used the six weeks prior to Faith Promise Commitment Sunday.

-Book Excerpt-

INTRODUCTION: The average Christian does not feel any sense of responsibility in carry out the Great Commission. Many members give some type of mission offering because of the Great Commission, but there seems to be very few believers who comprehend the magnitude of their personal responsibility to the lost world.

Matthew presented the PROCEDURE for the Church to follow in making and developing disciples for world evangelization. Mark tells us the METHOD that must be followed. The individual believer is to witness to those in his individual world. Luke stresses the MESSAGE that must be presented in order to make genuine believers. John presents JESUS as the Son of God. As the Son of God, Jesus felt the tremendous need of the lost. (+) Their hopeless plight and the consuming consequences if they die lost. When John presented his view of the Great Commission given by Jesus, he passed this individual responsibility on to the believer.

Years ago when D. L. Moody was first saved, he was presented to a Church board as a candidate for church membership. He was asked the question, “What has Jesus done for you in particular?” Young Dwight, who was nervous and untaught in the Scriptures, replied, “I know He has done a lot for us in general, but I cannot think of anything He has done for me in PARTICULAR.”

Apostle John’s account of the Great Commission attempts to take the responsibility of the believer out of the general category and make the individual believer feel his responsibility to a lost world in PARTICULAR.


SUMMED UP IN THE QUESTION, “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?” John shows his insight into his job as a Christian by saying, “My job on earth is the same job God the Father gave His Son to do while He was on the earth.”


Why did God the Father send Jesus into the world? Jesus answers this question in Luke 19:10, “For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

The daily life of Jesus demonstrates why He came into the world.

He won Nicodemus, the woman at the well, Zacharias, the thief on the Cross, and hundreds of others daily.

He was teaching, developing, and encouraging others daily.

Jesus sacrificed His life. The whole life of Jesus was lived for the benefit of others. He finally gave His life of the Cross for others.


This is very clearly stated. “I, Jesus, am sending you to do the same things and for the same reason that my Father sent Me.”

“EVEN SO” comes from the Greek, “Houtos Kai,” which means in the same manner or in the manner previously described or illustrated.

The Great Commission, according to John, simply bypasses laws, procedures, technicalities, and speaks directly to the believer’s heart. (+) “Whatever Jesus did in a given situation, is the same thing you should do.” Jesus was totally committed to the SAVING of lost souls and to the development of believers.


We need to die to self and present our body as a living sacrifice. (Romans 12:1)




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The Great Commission According To Jesus

We are very excited to announce that we have sent to publishing the new book

The Great Commission According to Jesus.


This book uses the 5 accounts of the Great commission as a magnifying glass to look deeper into the true meaning and understanding of the Great Commission. 


In the Great Commission, According to Jesus we see the full impact of the Great Commission.

Matthew stresses it’s authority, order and scope.

Mark stresses the personal need to fulfill it

Luke’s stresses the true message which will bring, “Repentance and Remission of Sins”

John stresses the fearful responsibility of each believer and the consequences of not going.

Acts, Dr. Luke, stresses the Divine Power which will make their going successful.

Dr. Wilkins has served over 60 years as missionary, mssion teacher or church builder – This is his 4th book of Faith Promise and features the “Study-to-Learn-and-Do” Method.



The New Convert Care Program

The Three Phases of the New Convert Care Program


Introduction: When Joshua and Caleb died, it did not take ISRAEL but a few years to become an apostate nation.

Joshua and Caleb


After the great revival spread throughout the world, which was led by the apostles in Jerusalem, it was only about 40 years before many false preachers and doctrines plagued their work. In fact, several of the New Testament books were written because of the first great apostasy, which followed this worldwide revival. Jude, II Timothy, Titus, I and II Peter were not prophesies which foretold future apostasies, but instructions to pastors who were dealing with crippling problems which plagued their churches.


The Bible, God’s perfect manual, has principles, which deal with and overcome a period of apostasy.


I. First phase of the New Convert Care Program: The Follow-up Phase

  1. a. The new convert needs following-up and care as soon as they are saved.

i. They are saved in a period, which is totally non-Christian, because of many years of humanism.

ii. The young converts (babes in Christ) know nothing about God. The primary way a baby learns is through observation and personal attention. Left to learn by themselves by observing they will become victims and fail.

iii. Just as natural babies need immediate and thorough attention from their birth through the early years of their lives, so do our spiritual babies (the new converts).

iv. The new convert needs following-up as soon as possible, because all a newborn spiritual baby has is an emotional experience to rely on.

  1. 1. Salvation brings emotions
  2. 2. Salvation is an experience


All the old devil has to do in order to stop or at least confuse the newborn spiritual baby is to get him to have another emotional experience. Get him to sin.


When the new convert sins, he becomes confused, and possibly, permanently wounded. We can prevent much of that through a good follow-up program.


We use the FROM SALVATION TO SERVICE Booklet. It has 7 principles the new convert needs as soon as he is saved.

From Salvation to Service


Do not give the booklet to the new convert without making an appointment with him. During this appointment, you will go over each principle with him. (You will need to train your members in this book so that they can become role models to new converts.) the disciple will present the booklet to the new convert (less than 5 minutes), and then give him time to read it. After a few days, make another appointment to meet with him and go over his booklet together. Mae sure he understands the principles and answer any questions that he might have. After you second meeting with the new convert, give the pastor a report on his progress.

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II. Second Phase of the New Convert Care Program: The Protections Phase.

  1. a. The new convert must be protected in at least three areas.

i. From the influence of nominal, back slidden or careless Christians.

ii. From the proselytizing spirit which dominates our society today.

iii. From the ghosts of the past, most of the people of today have had serious disappointments and disenchantments in this life. They are much more sensitive and easily offended.


THE SOLUTION: Appoint a role model over them as soon as they are saved to be an extension of the pastor.


III. The Third Phase of the New Convert Care Program, The Development Phase.


In the book of Acts, the early disciples were developed into mature, full grown soul-winning, and discipling members within a few weeks or months instead of a few years.


We must begin to go by the manual or the biblical pattern instead of judging ourselves by ourselves. The Bible is true. It will

The Holy Bible

still develop new converts into strong soul-winning mature working members if we learn to go by biblical principles instead of following the sloppy handling of our new converts which has produced our day of apostasy.


Just as our domestic children deteriorated and develop poor habits and get into trouble unless they are properly trained, so will (DO) our new spiritual babies.


Just as our domestic children learn bad habits from older brothers and sister, so will our spiritual babies unless they are protected and developed!!


In order to hold and develop our new converts, we must


  1. a. Appoint over them a spiritual role model as soon as they are saved.
  2. b. Stress the standards of the Bible and seek to get them to make the commitment at the end of each lesson.
  3. c. Grade them, so they will get their fulfillment from doing spiritual things instead or seeking satisfaction in the world.
  4. d. Major on the promises and memorize the problems.


Stop talking about negative things such as how hard our field is, the end times you can’t win a Catholic or Mormon, the summer slump, the good old days, ect. And do what the Bible says. When you continually lament on how hard it is, you sow defeat and unbelief into the lives of the people you are trying to develop.


Talk like the Bible teaches: hope, faith, can do, God is greater, the future is bright, you can win your loved one, and our church is going to grow.



We must place a shield of faith around our new converts as soon as they are saved through a direct, proper follow-up.

We must protect and shelter them while they make the transition from being religious (humanism) lost sinners to where they submit to the pastoral tutorship.

We must train them to observe, and do instead of just leaning the Word. The stress in the Bible is doing, not hearing only. God’s method works – We must learn to work God’s method.


The Materials In the New Convert Care Program:

The New Convert Care Program Book covers all the necessary materials needed to take a new convert from a Babe in Christ to a Mature Christian. It will deal with how to use the materials on this site, and how to properly take a New convert through a complete 30 week course.

Price is $1.00 

This book will teach you how to use the Milk of the Word and all future New Convert Care books. It goes into the how’s and why’s of the New Convert Care Program. It contains the answers to the questions in the Milk of the Word. It is an essential book for anyone who is serious about taking the Milk of the Word and discipleing a New Convert! Price is $1.00

This is the book that started it all. It is a very precise study on how to use the idea of setting up a role model over a new convert. It goes into detail the needs of the New Convert, the way to disciple and how to help a new convert. This deals with issues like: The New Convert Learns By Observation; The New Convert Can Feed Himself Spiritually; The New Convert is a babe and needs constant care and attention.

An amateur carpenter cannot build a sound house;nor can a pastor build a good discipleship program, (one that is designed to hold and develop new converts) without biblical directions and tools. Our New Convert Care Program features Biblical Principles which have been tried and tested for over 60 years. Thousands of New Converts have grown into mature Christians by going through our materials. There are many who serve as Missionaries, Pastors, Deacons, Teachers, and Mature Church Members who first went through the New Convert Care Program as new converts.



From Salvation to Service - Used Immediately After the Conversion

This book is vital to every new convert. It should be given to the new convert the moment after his salvation. It deals with specific issues relating to the new birth. Some of the topics are : Not Just Safe, But Saved; Saved for Certain; Saved But there are Adversaries; Saved to Submit.

With out this book in the hands of the new convert, it is very likely they will fall away. They will not understand why they still sin. They will not understand what God expects from them now that they are saved. They will not understand that “One church inst as good as the next”




Book 1 - Milk of the Word

The Milk of the Word, is the first book used to disciple. The Milk of the Word is a self-help book which will quip the reader to be discipled and take what he has learned and disciple others. Milk of the Word teaches not only how to know God’s Word but also how to do God’s Word. Milk of the Word is part one of the New Convert Care program, which teaches how to follow up, protect, and develop new Christians.

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Book 2 - Mission of the Church

This is book two in the New Convert Series, and teaches a true picture of what the great commission involves. It will produce a greater vision and purpose of the Christian’s life. He will be challenged by principles of biblical motivation and methodology to become part of transforming our world today.

9.00 – Spiral Bound Edition 

This is book three in the New Convert Series. This book is designed to put into the heart of the Christian spiritual truths which will cause him to grow in faith. Some of the chapter titles are: God’s Course for His Children, God’s Comforter for His Children, God’s Crown’s for His Children, and God’s Coming for His Children.

9.00 – Spiral Bound Edition –