Personal Growth Seminar

It is a month long directed study for self improvement taught by one of America’s leading soul-winning evangelists!

Principles will BE GIVEN AND DEMONSTRATED each week for the student to work on for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

We will give directed studies WHICH WILL PERFECT the student in the following areas:

  • RECOGNIZING AND OVERCOMING the attacks of Satan
  • Breaking through the BARRIER OF AWKWARDNESS so one can witness with confidence
  • REESTABLISH the Bible method of training soul-winners
  • It converts!
    • TWO SESSIONS per night in which the material is clearly presented and demonstrated
    • TWO PEOPLE are assigned to work with and help each other during the month
    • Participants are motivated to STUDY FOR 30 MINUTES per day
    • Sunday School material IS PROVIDED TO STRENGTHEN the principles taught
    • Family devotional material designed for DAILY USE
    • Two text books prepared especially FOR THE SEMINAR
    • C.D’s of all sessions of the seminar
Perfecting the Saints - God's Blueprint

Perfecting the Saints – God’s Blueprint


There are two distinct sessions each night.

One for TEACHING and EQUIPPING. Each participant will receive the textbooks “PERFECTING THE SAINTS”and “DESIGNED TO WIN”

The second is a lab session where the students GET HANDS ON experience and live soul-winning demonstrations and one on one practice using the tools provided.


Designed to Win – Step by step guide to effective Soul-winning

The Personal Growth Seminar, features five major lectures with supporting daily devotions.

Lecture One:    Teach them to observe (do).

Lecture Two:    Three principles which make the difference.

Lecture Three: How to have a successful visit every time.

Lecture Four:   Beating the Devil at his own game.

Lecture Five:    Perfect what you have, especially the close


Observe to Do!

Observe to Do Cover2

Observe to Do!

OBSERVE TO DO is not another book to inform about God and the Bible. It is a book which informs people how to have faith in God so they can do the Bible.
This little booklet on Sunday school lessons, devotions or sermon thoughts is the third leg in a month long period of saturation which converts hearers into doers. Jesus converted the apostles from being unmotivated, passive church leaders into a dynamic force which could not be stopped!

How did He do it?
Through a forty day period of saturation. Before the month long period, Peter said, “I go a fishing”, and six apostles went with him. Afterwards, these same apostles became fearless, focused leaders with the goal of worldwide evangelism.

Read of this period of saturation in Acts 1:3:
“To whom also he shewed himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them forty days, and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God:”
Picture in your mind a three

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