Survivor (Abortion)


Survivor – A story of truth and hope

Survivor: A Story of Truth and Hope



Survivor is a true story of my mothers attempt to abort me.

My mother confessed this fact to my wife and brother the night before she died in 1987. She made them promise they would not tell me until after her death. This confession was so totally contrary to the nature of the mother I knew and loved that I have lived in denial for the past 30 years. Since I have been in the ministry for 60 years and am the author of over 40 books or booklets God directed me to write “Survivor”.

This book shows the destructive nature of abortion and reveals the struggle of two great powers.

Those two power are the father of abortion who is the literal Devil and the father of all life, the True God of love and heaven.

As a survivor I have written to the millions of women who are struggling in shame and guilt of having aborted their own dear baby.

The book Survivor is dedicated to those dear ladies and contains the message of God’s great love for each one of them and his desire to heal the hurt, remove the guilt and save them.

God heard the cries of the American people for leaders who would bring moral and spiritual awakening to our society only to have the father of abortions incite women to destroy them through abortion.

My life is a testimony of how the father of abortions works…kill the unborn. Only God heard my mothers repentant cry and God saved my life.

This book is about a lone survivor whom God overrode the abortion attempt and gave him life and how the Survivor’s life has been a blessing to so many.

The Survivor’s message is from God to the women who aborted their babies. It is a message of forgiveness and restoration to peace and happiness, to anyone who will accept the death of Jesus for the sin (abortion) and ask God for cleansing and mercy.

The Survivor also carries a message from all the babies who were aborted and are now in heaven. It is a message to each mother from each baby saying “mother we forgive you, we love you and are praying that you will turn to God and ask for his mercy. Mother if you will do that he will become your best friend and will personally help you in your life and problems, and you will see me again in heaven.”

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You have heard a portion of Infant Wilkins story and we would like to present you the opportunity to share your story with us, of how abortion has affected you or someone you know and love.

Synopsis of Survivor

Chapter One

Dr. Wilkins, alias infant Wilkins had been in total denial for 30 years since he was shocked by his mother’s deathbed confession of her abortion attempt. Since then God has impressed Dr. Wilkins to write a book dedicated to all the women who are attempting to Survive after aborting their babies.

Chapter Two

Chapter two gives a biblical base for God’s punishment of all those who shed innocent blood. God punishment is based upon compassion and mercy instead of harshness and vindication. But this severe judgment will fall upon any nation, including America unless she repents for shedding innocent blood.

Chapter Three

This chapter reveals God’s love and provision for sinners. Jesus, as the son of God showed many acts of love and kindness toward the people of his day which were known as “bad sinners”. He became known throughout His ministry as the “friend of sinners.” In this chapter Dr. Wilkins is attempting to convince women of God’s love and provision for them.

Chapter Four

In this chapter Dr. Wilkins humanizes the little infants who are still in the womb of their mothers by giving them names and recording their thoughts toward the mothers concerning the purpose of their lives.

Chapter Five

This chapter reveals that the father of abortions is behind all abortions and how he continues to work in destroying people’s lives. Since he is a deceiver and murderer he strives to convince the pro-choice people to build an industry based upon lies, deception and murder. Dr. Wilkins shows the cruelty and brutality of the efforts of abortions both upon the women and their babies.

Chapter Six

In this chapter Dr. Wilkins shows how God created life which begins when the baby is conceived. This Greek word, Brephos, refers to the prenatal baby as well as postnatal babies or children who are born. He gives seven examples supporting this truth. He also shows that God hallowed marriage by placing sex within the realm of matrimony. Premarital sex as well as adultery is sin. He showed by using the original Greek and Hebrews words to prove that when God commanded, Thou shall not kill that he used a distinct word which is always translated murder.

Although Dr. Wilkins is kind his writing emphatically shows that man (governments) have no right to make laws which contradicts God’s eternal laws. When men do, God’s anger and judgment soon follows.

Chapter Seven

Dr. Wilkins explains the effects that aborting her baby would have had upon his own mother if she had not repented. Instead of guilt and shame God gave her joy and hope as she felt the movement of her unborn baby. Years later, Dr. Wilkins proved to be a child of hope and deliverance. This reveals God’s plan for each baby which He sends into the world, even those who were aborted.

Chapter Eight

This reveals and illustrates what the world would have missed if Dr. Wilkins mother had of succeeded in her abortion attempt. Multiply his life by the lives of the fifty million aborted babies and one would have had a totally different America and world today.

Chapter Nine

In this chapter we reveal some of the great blessings of Dr. Wilkins life.

Chapter Ten

This chapter gives the truth of the Bible which reveals the babies who were aborted are alive and happy in heaven. They are praying for the mothers and are longing to embrace them. Their plea is for their mother’s wellbeing and God’s mercy upon them.

Chapter Eleven

This chapter gives chronological pictures of the babies, beginning at their conception. There are eleven pictures of their development which ends in their brutal murder.

Recommend Use of This Book

Send a copy to every politician whether Democrat, Republican or Independent on the local, State or national level, including the President, his cabinet, the nine justices of the US supreme court and state courts.

Provide a copy for every Pro-Life advocate which will edify and strengthen

Provide a copy of this book to every student especially adolescent girls.

Provide a copy to all Religious leaders and Pastors.

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