Here are some things people have said about our materials.


Dr James Wilkins receiving the Caleb Award from West Coast Baptist College 2010


“These books must be published.” (In reference to Milk of the Word – 1976 – 

Dr. Earl K. Olham (President of Arlington Baptist College)


“These are the best tools in discipling that I have seen”

Dr. Elmer Towns (1978)


“Dr. Wilkins knows more about discipleship than any man in America.”

Dr. Clarence Sexton (2007)


“If the principles of this book (Milk of the Word) were followed, it would set off a chain reaction in soul-winning and church growth that would enlarge the membership of any church, regardless of it’s size.”

Dr. Ted Hicks (Former President of Pacific Coast Bible College)


“One of the World’s great visionaries.”

Dr. Jerry Falwell


“I pray for Dr. Wilkins daily.”

Dr. John R. Rice


“Years ago as a young man I met Dr. John R. Rice in 1954 and we were friends until his ‘home-going’. I find Dr. James Wilkins has stepped into those shoes and has become the mighty pen and teacher of our day.”

Dr. Dean Lang – Pastor and Founder of Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Ranch


” I want to personally thank you for the impact your books are having around the globe.”

Dr. Tom Vineyard – Pastor of Windsor Hills Baptist Church


Dr. James Wilkins, one of the major thinkers and writers for biblical based, Baptist churches, has written this introductory book (for all age groups) on Missionary Faith Promise giving. Dr Wilkins correlates “tithing” and “faith promise” mission giving for our spiritual life now and at the “Judgment Seat of Christ” where Christians will receive their rewards from Jesus Christ.
Dr. Wilkins sees the “big picture” and the foundational biblical principles of giving by faith. Not only will these principles increase your faith but also enlarge the numbers of missionary on the field.
Every Person “young or old” should read and study this book prior to a mission emphasis in the local church. This book should also be studied by all missionary candidates in mission courses, and the leaders in the local church under direction of the pastor.
Dr. Clifford Clark


“Our church had the greatest missions conference while using these books, our missions giving went up 35%.”

“They have improved every facet of our church with record attendance in our outreach program.”

Dr. David Brown


“One of the best soul-winners I have ever worked with who has an untiring passion for lost souls.”

Dr. Roy Westmoreland


“The principles I learned in Dr. Wilkins class is the doundation upon which I built my ministry.”

Dr. Ephraim Williams


“Dr. Wilkins is not only a writer, but he is a teacher and compassionate, powerful preacher.”

Dr. Scotty Alexander